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Let’s try English – short summary of last year.

Hello again.

It’s been a long time since the last post and a lot has changed, e.g. language in which I’m writing this post. Yes, the main change is the language that I want to gradually introduce into my blog. The explanation is simple and the same as always – wider audience. Since English is the second language that programmer is born with, anyone should be able to read it sooner or later. I’ve been asked once why I don’t write in English and my answer was that there will be time for that, and I think this is it. Practice in writing texts is a good way to improve yourself, writing in foreign language is even better so why not start now?

There were also changes in my life. In July 2011 I started working for Gigaset Communications as Junior Software Developer (or C++ Programmer it’s hard to tell ;)), hired by Power Media. I’m working on an outsourced project (almost since the beginning) codenamed Tomato. I must say that it’s very interesting project because it touches embedded system development with GUI on small screen, as well as webdev (it’s accessible by a website).

Apart from that I have also graduated as an Engineer of Computer Science from Wroclaw University of Technology and started second degree on the same faculty.

I must say that my interests have changed a little. I slightly moved away from computer graphics to general software development and embedded system development – it’s pretty on time, but I plan to get back to computer graphics because my master thesis involves it.

Future? I experimented a little with Android so some of upcoming posts should be about it.