My name is Kamil Szatkowski and I come from Myszków (near Częstochowa). Currently I live in Wroclaw where I studied Computer Science at Wroclaw Univeristy of Technology and now work for Nokia Networks (Nokia Solutions and Networks Sp. z.o.o.) as C++ Software Developer.



  • 2012-2015: Wroclaw University of Technology, Master of Science at Faculty of Computer Science and Management. Computer Science, specialization in Intelligent Informatics Systems.
  • 2008-2011: Wroclaw University of Technology, Bachelor of Science at Faculty of Computer Science and Management, Computer Science.


  • V 2014 – now: Nokia Networks, department in Wroclaw, Poland (C++ Software Developer, LTE C-Plane).
    Feature developer in LTE C-Plane. Lecturer in NSN Academy. Lecturer in PARO courses on Wroclaw University of Technology and Wroclaw University.
  • V 2013 – IV 2014: Nokia Siemens Networks, department in Wroclaw, Poland (C++ Software Developer, WCDMA C-Plane).
    Responsibilities in rewriting one of C-Plane’s component.
  • VII 2011 – IV 2013: Gigaset Communications GmbH, department in Wroclaw, Poland (Junior Software Developer), hired by Power Media S.A.
    Configuration Management of the project using Git and CMake. Developer of embedded system software. Developer of web application in embedded system.
  • II – III 2011: Techland sp. z o.o., department in Wrocław, Poland (internship).
    Responsibility for creating case study of destruction model in FPP games, implementation of level serialization elements in XML, implementation of UI elements for a currently developed FPP game.
  • VII – IX 2010: Advanced Digital Broadcast Sp. z o.o. in Zielona Gora (student internship).
    Responsibility for creating, starting up and checking the test environment for new audio/video data decoding and presenting drivers.


  • Compiled languages: C++, C#, Java, Cg/HLSL/GLSL,
  • Script languages: Perl, PHP, Python,
  • Description languages: HTML, CSS, XML, JSON,
  • Other: SQL,
  • Libraries: DirectX, OpenGL, SDL, WinAPI, Windows Forms, Qt (+ PyQt).
  • IDE: MS Visual Studio, IntelliJ (and derivatives), QtCreator,
  • Operating Systems: MS Windows, Linux.


  • English,
  • Polish (native),


  • Artificial intelligence,
  • Machine Learning,
  • Game programming,
  • Computer graphics,
  • Science-Fiction,
  • Science,
  • Technologies.

“Nie ma rzeczy niemożliwych, po prostu czas wykonania niektórych czynności dąży do nieskończoności.”